Kingsley Amis Also Published as Robert Markham
Kingsley Amis

Unlike Kingsley Amis (pic above) I am not a professional writer. I am learning every day, a little bit more, about better web hosting, SEO and other online marketing methods as well as how to make a living on the internet.

If I post something that you find useful I am happy. If, however, you disagree with something I say or have had a problem following my posts or making sense of them these are my personal ramblings and in no way do I suggest anyone follows, copies or repeats what I say or do.

Bottom Line – Writers are notoriously poor struggling artists and have no money so don’t even think about getting lawyers involved, blackmailing me (no morals – sorry!) or seeking any other type of retribution for wrongs deemed to haven taken place here.

Money - I've heard of it but never really seen any of it.
Money – I’ve heard of it but never really seen any of it.