A signage is that is  used to refer to a design that utilizes symbols and signs to communicate or pass a message across to a group of people. Signage is usually used as a means of advocacy for a particular purpose or marketing. Signage also means a collection of signs or a collective group of signs. Article Sponsor: Parking Lot Striping Birmingham

Metal signage are typically the same thing. These are signs that are made of metal, used to communicate or pass a message across to a group of people. Signs that are created from metals are usually long lasting and a lot more durable than the the conventional signs created from other properties. Metal signage is highly used in almost everywhere and can be seen in just about every neighborhood. They serve as directions, means of identifying a place and other purposes. Metal signage are used by realtors, business owners, city parking and on the road as well. These signs are made of aluminum or other metals.

They can also serve as a means of information and security for example, they can be put on fences with signs written like; No trespassing, private property, beware of dog and many others. Metal signage can even be used to tell where work in progress is being done like fumigation, remodeling and many more. These can be achieved by placing colorful signs that clearly display the intended message.

Realtors would use metal signs to inform the public of a house on sale, the necessary information on how to contact them and they would also use this same signage to tell when the home is sold as well.

City parking also use metal signage to tell you where and when to park. They use these signs to communicate to the drivers without words as the signs convey the intended intentions from city parking. Business owners also use metal signs to market their business, to give information in little way they can to the consumers.

The Most Common Types Of Metal Signage Every Parking Lot Should Have

There are quite a variety of metal signage for parking lots to use but here, would be listing the most common types of metal signage every parking lot should have. Parking lots for business and of course the city parking can be a chaotic place without order, but metal signage help to put a semblance of order to things. You want to ensure that your patrons and customers understand how things work, the normal flow of the parking lot to avoid chaos or confusion.

Here is a list of the most common types of metal signage you should have in any parking lot.

  • No Parking  Signs
  • Reserved for Motorcycles Signs
  • No Trespassing Signs
  • One Way Only Signs
  • Reserved Parking for Customers or Employees Only
  • Reserved for Electric Vehicles Signs
  • Fire Lane – No Parking Signs and Stencils
  • Handicap Parking Signs

Parking Lot Signs For Safety

Parking lot signs for safety are signs that ensure the safety of the people and properties in and within the parking lot. Examples of these are,

  • Enter / Exit Signs.
  • Speed Hump Signs.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Signs.
  • Directional Parking Signs.
  • Pedestrian Crossing Panels.
  • Portable Sign Stands.

These signs help make the parking lot safe and make sure movement is orderly and collisions don’t occur so far the signs are followed.

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