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How to Build a Darkroom on a Budget

Since digital photography has taken a hold, most people you’ll meet have moved over completely to digital pictures. The number of photo labs has decreased, and having to drive to one and then wait to get the call that your pictures are ready to pick up.

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How Do I Take Pictures with My Analog Camera?

So you’ve just picked up your new camera—congratulations! Analog cameras are a great way to practice your photography skills, and discover new ways to take pictures.

Before you can really get started, though, it’s important to know how your analog camera works. In this article we’ll go through the basics, so that you understand the way your analog camera works, and can start capturing beautiful moments on film.

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Best 35mm Camera for Beginners

If you’re just getting started in film photography, you’re probably wondering what the best camera for a beginner is. Film photography is a beautiful art, and while digital cameras are definitely more accessible and allow for more mistakes, many photographers still choose to shoot film.

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Are Digital Cameras Better than Analog Cameras?

When digital cameras were first manufactured, it seemed likely that they would completely overtake analog cameras. Digital cameras were so much more convenient, and were more forgiving when it came to making mistakes with your photographs. If you didn’t like how one turned out, you could just take another, and didn’t have to worry about running out of exposures.

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Analog Film Cameras

The Future of Film Cameras

When the first digital camera was invented and manufactured by Kodak in 1975, it set into motion a new type of photography. Digital photography was more accessible to many people, not to mention significantly faster than film photography. Photographers didn’t have to spend minutes setting up the perfect shot, being mindful that they had a limited amount of film and therefore a limited amount of chances to get the image they want. The advent of digital photography also meant no more waiting for your fully developed and printed images to come back from the printer.…

Valuable Vintage Cameras

The Most Valuable Vintage Cameras

There are many collectors of various types of vintage items. Clothing, art, and books are just a few examples of collections many vintage collectors seek out. Owning something vintage is like owning a piece of history. Many collectors choose to seek out vintage items because many find the hunt for a difficult to find the vintage piece is a challenge rewarding.…

Analog and Digital cameras

What Are the Differences Between Analog and Digital Cameras?

Finding yourself in possession of a new camera is exciting. Whether you’re shooting digital or analog, photography is a beautiful and rewarding art.

But what exactly is the difference between an analog camera and a digital camera? How do they work differently? How do you take pictures with one or the other?…

Analog Photography

How Do Film Cameras Work?

It’s how your parents took pictures back in the day, and a recent resurgence of passionate film photographers have revived the art. Being able to capture a moment in time is a special thing indeed, and many families have basements full of photo albums, chronicling the growth of children, marriages, and everyday life.…

Does Anyone Use Film Cameras Anymore?

These days, it’s so easy to take a picture. Digital cameras can store hundreds of images, and it’s easy enough to change your settings if you don’t like how something has turned out and just take the picture again.…