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The Future Of Customer Support

I came across several prediction and wish-list type articles and posts which is typical of a New Year and natural that people should wonder what the immediate future holds. As we look towards an unpredictable future there are certain things we can spot trends for. In Web Hosting terms these are my observations formed on reading other peoples predictions and thoughts for 2013.

2013We have seen a trend generally across the business spectrum towards a customer focused, customer centric and customer driven, buzz word stuffed marketing epidemic.

It is as if after the industrial age of Big Business and union dominated worker focused idiocy we have to rebel with a 180 degree turnabout. Don’t get me wrong this is one revolution on the business merry-go-round that I am fully in tune with.

Having been self-employed nearly all my adult life it has been drummed into me that the customer is king and without the end user we are redundant in every sense of the word.

So for the rest of the world to catch up to this thinking and embrace it as if it was a recent invention is somewhat refreshing whilst being a little infuriating when you have some fresh faced new graduate explain in single-syllables how im-port-ant customers are when receiving a customer brief.

What is new however, is that the world is getting smaller. This is not anything new either as we have been saying that since the Wright brothers were out of britches. The shrinking world this time is down to communication devices putting or keeping us in touch 24/7.

remote calls
Remote Calls

We never get a moment alone any more as we are get-at-able, everywhere. The Bathroom, no problem, can get a signal. Up Mount Kilimanjaro – no problem. On honeymoon – just going to check my messages darling!

We would be lost if we had to set the clocks back 10-15 years. Anyway, I digress.

Customers are no exception and are available and ready to communicate 24/7 and you had better be geared up to dealing with them in their chosen time zone, their device and channel of choice and in a language they feel comfortable complaining in.

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Technical Support for Free Web Hosting – Does It Exist?

Web Hosting Technical SupportWhen we talk about having free web hosting, it is only fair to highlight the restrictions and limitations that you are required to accept in exchange for the free services offered by your hosting provider. In the kind of world that we are living in today, let’s admit it there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Free web hosting is ideal for people who are new to the web hosting industry, trying to secure their first web presence. However, while there are a couple of hosting companies out there who are willing to provide great features while letting a user secure a web presence free of charge, they are very few and far between. Free web hosting sure can be a great alternative for those users who have a very limited budget, yet want to have their website made visible on the World Wide Web, but at some point you will need to evaluate whether the small investment required to obtain premium hosting needs to be accepted. After all, how seriously are you intending to take your new online venture?

The Support Aspect of Free Web Hosting

Support is such a crucial aspect in the web hosting industry. It is essential whenever something goes wrong or in some instances where you might need assistance with regards to your web hosting account. A lot of free web hosting companies, unfortunately, offer minimal or zero support to their users.

If you are relatively new to the web hosting industry, here are a couple of indicators that will tell you that your web hosting provider offers good technical support:

Live Technical Support

There are times that you will need fast support and assistance. One great solution is a phone call. But, not a lot of free web hosting providers offer telecommunication support primarily because this will only add to their daily operation cost. Another alternative to having a live technical support is through chat. This simply entails access to the internet and a web browser of your choice.

Forums for Users

There are a couple of free hosting companies that provide an online community called a forum. This is where all of the hosting provider’s users and other webmasters discuss issues with regards to every aspect of the web hosting services. Generally, this is a good place to communicate and obtain assistance and support from other fellow users and staff of the web hosting firm.

But the problem is that a lot of free hosting providers do not have enough resources and staff support to operate a forum. To have a useful forum, a website hosting provider must employ one or two staff who regularly moderate, post and read the forum. And so, if you have a pool of web hosting companies to consider, narrow them down by checking out their forums. Web hosting companies who run a forum with active forum moderators indicate that they take their technical support and clients seriously.


Another good way to test if a web hosting company has a stable technical support is to send them an email stating your queries and questions about your web hosting account. If you get a reply with useful answers, then it simply means that the web hosting firm has good support.

On the other hand, try to check for some bad signs as well. If they advertised that they have quick response time of about 48 hours, but you never got a word back from them for days, then it’s a clear indication of poor technical support.

So before you choose a web hosting provider, it is best to weigh the advantages and disadvantages first. You will need to be fully aware of the restrictions and limitations that come along with your free hosting service when considering this option.

Another alternative is to consider a low cost webhosting package. Even one dollar hosting plans allow access to a much higher quality of web hosting, excellent 24×7 support services and avoid the drawbacks associated with free hosting such as poor connectivity and unwanted and intrusive advertising that the free web hosting companies use to cover their costs.